Preparing your kid for success takes more than home tuition. Developing your child’s biological, psychological and emotional health makes a greater impact than one-to-one tuition to reach their full potential.

Every parent want their kid to become the best version of themselves.

And that’s beyond academic achievements.

What parents should look at is the kid’s self-growth ability.

R Sinnakaruppan, Chairman and CEO of Singapore Education Academy (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd and a former Member of Parliament, suggested that the education system in Singapore needs an overhaul. He wrote that nurturing a child’s personal ability is much more important than focusing on exams and grades.

That’s true.

Since conformed thinking obstructs the discovery of new possibilities and hinders the contemplation of self-growth.

Until Singapore’s education system changed for the better, parents can help your child unearth a larger world outside their comfort zone.

We’re not saying to put a halt to all home tuition right now. We mean to integrate fun and educational activities with the existing home tuition.

home tuitionKids are young. And they need to experience life.

An all-rounded experience broadens their worldview and develops critical thinking skills, which are useful to them academically and beyond.

Here are six things to do other than home tuition to help your child grow to be a better someone:

Learn a new language

What’s better than learning an unfamiliar culture and history to broaden worldview?

We don’t mean going for spontaneous travel trips or sending your child abroad for studies.

In fact, learning a new language is fantastic when you want to know more about a country’s culture and history. And that’s not something you can gain just by sitting at a desk with a tutor.

Being too married to one’s own culture often result in the limitation of knowledge. Exposing your child to a brand new culture can spur new thinkings and allow them to challenge themselves in school and in life.

Pick up a sport

Half-heartedness often leads to nowhere.

And nothing trains perseverance more than sports!

We also know the importance of building resilience in your child, and sports can easily be one of the healthiest way to push your child’s boundaries.

Take running for example. At first, your kid might only be able to run for 15 minutes. After some training, they’ll be able to do 30 minutes, ultimately 45 minutes and so on.

We’ve talked about how attitude is the most important factor when your child is learning maths. And sports can be a good way to cultivate the right attitude for learning.

When kids witness their own improvements, they’ll be motivated for more. Even self-prompting to find out what can be improved, or done differently to achieve more.

Chinese calligraphy

Ever tried to calm a kid when they’re noisy? It’s one of the challenges parents encounter (daily).

Kids were born to be rowdy and overly active. But fostering self-control is crucial for growth.  

Home tuition might not be able to do that, but learning Chinese calligraphy can.

If your child is interested in Chinese calligraphy, you’re in luck. Your child can pick up skills like discipline, self-control and composure, which maximizes learning skills. Not to mention how it’ll boost their Chinese language!

Oil painting/Sketching

Any form of art is weighty in child development.

As creativity blossoms, their ability to think from a different perspective progresses as well.

But what sets art like oil painting or sketching apart from the others is that your child would need to be meticulous when completing such artwork.

To paint the details, they’d need to focus. And nothing is more precious than the power to ignore distractions and concentrate on what’s needed to be done.

The skill to focus is not only applicable to school, but also in other aspects of your child’s life.


Learn to code

Learning to code was all the rage in the last couple of years. The demand for coding lessons increased, young kids are becoming programmer, the start of female-only coding lessons, etc.

Although the hype has slightly died down, it doesn’t mean this new paradigm is not worth learning.

Learning to code opens your child’s mind to conceptualize problems in a different light and creatively approach challenges, rather than prioritizing numerical grades.

You never know, they might even be the next genius IBM Watson programmer!

Face the music

Einstein is known to play music on the violin to inspire new science thinkings.

Next Einstein in the making

Very similar to learning art, music strengthens brain activity. The key is to be engaging in order to reap the benefits.

It’s proven that when children are proactively involved in musical activities i.e. constant practicing, their brain processes speech and language better.

Home tuition is not the only way out

“Patience is a virtue.”

This applies to this case perfectly.

Whatever your child is learning, experimentation is vital. If your kid isn’t genuinely interested, it makes no difference from the usual home tuition. Being interested keeps them eager and prod engagement.

Results are not instantaneous, but they are impactful. Don’t expect your child to be developing at rocket speed—it takes time.

As long as your child persevere in what they’re doing (with your encouragement of course), they’ll eventually reel in the goodness.

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