We are Owlinker, a platform that strives to connect the best home tutors in Singapore to you.

We have the goal in mind to revolutionize the method of connecting tutors and tutees by integrating technology and a touch of human.

People look for tutors all the time. But they face problems. They don’t have time to research on the tutors, where they should find them, or how much budget they should allocate for the tuition services.

At Owlinker, we come to work everyday in order to solve these problems that people face.


Our mission: To customize and humanize the tutor-tutee connecting platform. Apart from making these connections easier through technology, we have humans who will talk to you because we do care about what you really want from the tuition service.

The birth of Owlinker

“It is not always a straight path to your goal, but that in life you will have to make many detours.”

Founder of Owlinker, Jayden Lim

Owlinker was started with a goal in mind: to empower young minds by providing high-quality tutors for a personable learning experience.

Inching toward this goal hasn’t been easy for Jayden. As young as he is, Jayden’s life wasn’t an easy one.

It started as an inspiring one though. He was a student in the Normal (Technical) stream at Presbyterian High School, where his flair for basketball skills was also rewarded with a place as part of the Singapore Slingers, a dream for many young basketballers.

He went on to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) after graduation before obtaining a Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

The future of Jayden seemed bright and glorious when he was selected to play for Singapore Slingers in the 2009/10 season.

But tragedy struck. The then-22-year-old suffered a severe head injury during a basketball training in 2010. He was in coma for days. Fortunately, he woke up, albeit with a 15cm scar and removal of a palm-sized part of his skull. In the same year, he was awarded Sportsman of the Year at the SP Excellence Awards 2010 ceremony for his outstanding performance in his beloved sport, and more notably for his will of steel in the face of adversity.

Despite having to wear a helmet in all subsequent matches, he charged on in his career which culminated in the pride of representing Singapore at the SEA Games in 2011.

He was then offered a place both in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and on the varsity’s basketball team, eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering.

Jayden’s story is the epitome of following one’s dreams and not giving up until you’ve achieved what you want in life. He wants to spread this positivity into the community especially to young minds, inspiring them to fall in love with learning.

The idea for Owlinker was born when he was teaching at his elder brother’s tuition centre after having led Min Yi Sports Club to clinch their first ever champion in the National Basketball League in 2012. He noticed that too many students lack the motivation to learn because there wasn’t a personal goal, and tuition was simply a routine to bring up their grades.

So after many late-night research accompanied with even more coffee, he came to the simple observation:

Every student needs a mentor who doesn’t only teach, but also give them a purpose to why they’re studying and guide them to a greater goal in their life.

To make this happen, it was time to make the tutor-seeking process human. We help parents the way that is needed — an uncomplicated, personable yet affordable way to find the best tutor for their child in Singapore.

There, Owlinker is born.

How we work

  • Input Request Details

    Fill in all the required details at our page and submit.

  • Wait for the good news

    Once submitted our team will find the most suitable home tutor.

  • Receive a Call from Us

    We’ll contact you directly about the tutor’s details and availability.

  • Go or a free trial lesson

    A free trial lesson will be set based on your convenience.


By looking for a tutor on Owlinker, you can put a smile on another kid’s face. We don’t only want to help parents and students, we also seek to do what we can to bring a little bit of happiness and comfort to underprivileged children in Singapore.

When you engage a tutor at Owlinker, you do more than just finding a tutor. You’re also doing a part to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of needy children across the country.

For every 100th successful tutor-tutee match, we’ll donate 10% of the total profit we’ve made from the previous 99 matches into our charity fund.

This charity fund will be built progressively and we’ll always strive to make this an ongoing commitment. From making donations to creating an special occasion event to buying necessities for this children, we think beyond our business and would like to touch as many lives as we can.

So join us in our efforts and together we can keep this giving going.