Doing homework, especially math homework, is painful for young students. But the pain will pay off. Here’s why.  

Homework, a necessary evil according to many teachers, is nonetheless important.

Growing up, students always know that they should be doing homework, but never exactly why they should be doing so.

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Though it has a lot of students tied up in knots, doing home assignments fulfill the purpose of conception reinforcement, mind stimulation, and learning more beyond the scope.

That speaks particularly true for math homework. The subject requires constant thoughts and revision for full apprehension, and nothing beats homework for that purpose.

Yes, students who do less homework can succeed just as well. But when a child is weak in math, they’ll need to work hard to learn effectively. And doing their math homework is one of the ways to do it.

3 reasons why doing math homework is vital

Practice, practice, and practice.

Today, students take tuition lessons for granted. They leave questions they don’t know blank, and expect tutors to help them with it. But routinous practicing (by themselves) allows your child to nip doubts in the bud. If your child is constantly making the same mistakes, it’s likely they lack practice. By doing homework, students are strengthening their knowledge of skills and concepts taught in class.

Improves child’s thinking and memory.

It has become fashionable to depend on extra guidance to “study”. But when it comes to mind stimulation, taking the initiative to learn is still very much needed. Instead of memorizing math formula, students are better off learning why it needs to be that way.

Learning beyond the scope of class.

When students learn in class, they’re engulfed in tedious concepts and jargon limited within those four walls. They obediently listen to the teachers and diligently jot down notes. Yet they rarely put serious effort to learn what is taught beyond the classroom. Doing home assignments can help students see math concepts in new light since they’re practicing on the concepts in general, instead of just a particular example.

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How can math homework improve math skills

Math is not something that can be learned passively. Like science, it requires a lot of thinking and experimenting.

By stimulating their thoughts and working on concepts, students are learning how to draw connections between concepts. Which is really the key to better understanding of math.

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Doing math assignments without deep thinking isn’t quite right. There are certain rules to follow to engage a student’s brain with homework. The more they can make connections, the better they’ll be able to solve questions instinctively.

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And if that doesn’t work? Get a math tutor. Having professional academic guidance can do great benefits for your kid, especially when you found the right one.  


Don’t make doing homework into a task. Help your child build the habit by making it more fun and meaningful.

We talked about the issue of letting kids do homework on weekends. Not that it’s compulsory, but neither should parents deter it. What matters is striking the right balance.

Let them take a break when necessary. Don’t force them into doing it lest they resort to copying and cheating. Or even worse, causing them too much stress.

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